The warm weather is here and kids’ sports activities are well under way. Are you aware of the Children’s Fitness amount and how it can save you some money come tax time? You can claim up to $500 per child under 16 for fees paid to register your child in a prescribed program of physical activity. What is a program of physical activity? Any activity which requires significant physical activity that contributes to cardiorespiratory endurance plus one or more of muscular strength or endurance, flexibility or balance. This includes activities such as hockey, soccer, golf lessons, bowling and horse-back riding. In addition the program must be ongoing with a minimum of eight consecutive weeks or five consecutive days. The activity must also be supervised and suitable for children. You are also unable to make a claim for  any amounts for which you have or will be reimbursed.
If your child qualifies for the disability amount you can claim an additional $500 per child under 18. In this case the requirement for significant physical activity is met if the activities result in movement and in an observable use of energy in a recreational context.