The basis of any effective accounting system is the underlying bookkeeping or data processing. If completed appropriately, the bookkeeping and data processing can provide accurate management tools on a monthly basis, and substantially reduce the annual cost of financial statement and tax return preparation.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners recognize the importance of an excellent and appropriate bookkeeping or data processing system. We work with our clients to assist in establishing the most appropriate and cost-effective system, depending on the size and nature of the business. While we can complete all bookkeeping and data processing in our offices, we have often found it to be in our clients’ best interests for this work to be done by the clients themselves or engage an independent bookkeeper. We often work closely with both the client and independent bookkeeper to ensure the books are both accurate and in a form that will assist us in preparing your year end statements.

We are familiar with a wide range of computerized bookkeeping systems, and of course all manual systems.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office to discuss your bookkeeping or data processing requirements.