As the primary service provided by the Kemp Harvey Group offices, year-end accounting procedures have been fine-tuned. Our qualified staff is trained to focus on the most important issues and to complete the accounting in an efficient and effective way while abiding by all relevant standards. We help you to determine the most appropriate type of engagement, an audit, a review, or a compilation. We work closely with our clients to assure that the year-end accounting is something to be looked forward to, rather than an unpleasant task imposed by Revenue Canada.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners have established an excellent reputation in the accounting and auditing community. They are very proud to have been the first Certified General Accounting firm appointed as auditors of a British Columbia crown corporation. This experience, along with that of hundreds of other auditing engagements, has given them the skills, knowledge and education required to conduct efficient and effective audits of almost any company, society or government entity.

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