Taxation is here to stay and you will continue to pay taxes. The goal of the Kemp Harvey Group is to minimize the amount of taxes our clients pay, whether they are corporations (local or national), individuals, family-owned business or a home-based business.

The Kemp Harvey Group partners make it a priority to know taxes and the changes that are made every year by both the federal and provincial governments. To form a solid and workable tax planning approach the Kemp Harvey Group takes the time necessary to understand each client’s personal and business situation so recommendations to minimize taxes are based on your particular situation.

All the Kemp Harvey Group offices have been authorized by Revenue Canada Taxation to act as agents to prepare and electronically file your personal income tax returns. The Kemp Harvey Group is also able to help with your U.S. personal tax filing requirements.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for professional help to minimize your tax situation and guide you through the maze of tax rules and legislation.