The Kemp Harvey Group approach to estate planning is different. As accountants, we have the skills to complete estate planning engagement entirely “in house.” However, we have found that the most effective way of achieving an appropriate estate plan, is to involve other professionals.

We work closely with investment advisors, life underwriters and financial institutions to coordinate the myriad of financial information, personal goals, retirement and income issues that must be considered in drafting the estate plan.

Our main advantage is our tax knowledge. Minimizing tax is an extremely important component of estate planning and each decision regarding an investment or a retirement vehicle must be considered in relation to its tax affect. We work with tax issues daily and all Kemp Harvey Group partners are fully familiar with the tax rules that affect estate and investment planning. Our education and experience also include economics, investments and law. With this broad range of relevant knowledge we act as coordinators, assisting your other advisors in the development of your estate plan.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for a review of your current estate plan or for preparation of a new one.