Congratulations  LEI ZHANG

Lei Zhang

Kemp Harvey Hunt Ward Inc. and the Kemp Harvey Group would like to congratulate Lei Zhang on receiving a CGA-BC Academic Excellence Scholarship for transfer of credits from Okanagan College to the CGA program.
Lei averaged over 86% in all courses she transferred from the Business Administration Program of Okanagan College and was awarded one of the two scholarships available, a remarkable achievement.  This award and the transfer of credits will assist her in obtaining her CGA designation in 2012.
This achievement is truly remarkable but not unexpected by anyone who knows Lei.
Prior to Lei immigrating to Canada she obtained a Bachelor Degree in International Trade in her native country of China; in 2006 she joined her husband Scott in Canada; in 2008 she began studies at Okanagan College taking the Business Administration Program; in 2009 she gave birth to their son Brody; and in 2010 she began working for Kemp Harvey Hunt Ward Inc.
Lei consistently shows great abilities in her academic, work and home life.  This scholarship that she has been awarded recognizes her academic excellence.  Kemp Harvey Hunt Ward Inc. and Kemp Harvey Group want to add to the recognition and congratulate her on her success.  We look forward to watching her achieve all her future goals.
Congratulations Lei Zhang
Recipient of a 2011 CGA-BC Academic Excellence Scholarship Award, for the transfer of credits from Okanagan College to the CGA program.