A.    Bring along all “T” slips (T4, T5, T4RSP, T4AP, T4E, T4A(OAS), T3, etc.), information about any other income, information about your business.
Bring along any government slips you’ve received such as WCB (T5007) or Child Tax Benefit (RC62).
And don’t forget: charitable receipts, medical receipts, tuition slips (this *must* be the official T2202 or official receipt from a recognized institutions) Safety deposit box amounts, monthly transit passes AND receipts, receipts for child care activities and details of RRSP contributions including the official receipts.
Did you sell any capital items? We’ll need the details of any of those transactions.
And don’t forget – if your employer requires you to put out expenses for work, get them to complete a T2200 conditions of employment.
And if you are self-employed, bring details of your business.