Personal Financial Planning may involve as little as preparing a budget of monthly expenses or as much as planning for a full and financially independent retirement. Generally it is reviewing your financial goals and requirements and putting a plan in place that will permit their realization.

We all have goals and dreams for our lives. However, without adequate planning, we will not likely achieve these goals and dreams. Without a plan, you are reactive instead of proactive. You do not control the events of your life. Rather, you are like a twig being carried down a stream, going only where the stream takes you. A sound financial plan, reviewed on a regular basis, will help you avoid being the twig in the stream, and help you achieve your goals.

The Kemp Harvey Group are “fee-for-service” financial advisors. As such, we are able to prepare financial plans with your best interests in mind since we have nothing to sell you but our services.

Contact your local Kemp Harvey Group office for a review of your current personal financial plan or for preparation of a new one.