KH Laidman-Betts Inc. is a proud member of the Kemp Harvey Group of Chartered Professional Accountant firms, located at #206-3334 30th Ave, Vernon, B.C. KH Laidman-Betts Inc. offers a full range of accounting services, from financial statement preparation to personal, estate and corporate taxation.

The members of our office staff are continually involved in professional development courses so that they can stay current on the myriad of changes in the Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Employment Insurance, Employment Standards, and other governmental acts and regulations. We are also continually upgrading and changing our computer equipment to provide the highest level of service to our clients through innovative and cost-effective methods

Each office in the Kemp Harvey Group is locally owned and operated. The Kemp Harvey Group’s strength is in the synergy of its partners and the expertise that we as a group are able to provide.

Carolyn Laidman-Betts, CPA, CGA


Carolyn has worked in accounting for over 30 years, earning her CGA designation in 1992 and joining the Kemp Harvey Group in 2003.  Carolyn provides clients with a wide range of accounting services including personal and corporate taxation and small business accounting.  Carolyn also has experience in estate and trust taxation.

Carolyn believes in helping the community through youth sponsorship and volunteering.


#206-3334 30th Ave Vernon, B.C., V1T 2C8

Phone: (250) 545 1544

Fax: (250) 260 3641


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Carolyn Laidman-Betts, CPA, CGA