Employees of Kemp Harvey Group offices across British Columbia will receive an extra helping hand if they choose to become a living organ donor.
Kemp Harvey Group is pioneering as the first employer to participate in the newly-launched “Be the Kidney Initiative”.
The “Be the Kidney Initiative” is a wage-top up program for employees who are taking medical leave in order to become a living organ donor.
Presently, living donors receive up to six weeks of Employment Insurance (EI) while recovering from their surgery.  The EI program renumerates living donors with up to 55% of their regular, pre-surgery wages.
Employers who participate in the “Be the Kidney Inititiave” would top-up their living donor employees’ EI benefits, so that they received a total of 95% of their pre-surgery wages.  Presently, Kemp Harvey Group is encouraging other businesses around the province to offer the “Be the Kidney Initiative” to their staff.
Read about this exciting new program in Kemp Harvey Group’s Winter 2013 Newsletter.  This newsletter also includes a useful checklist for taxpayers who are preparing for their 2012 personal income tax return.  Click here to read about these items and more: Kemp Harvey Group Winter 2013 Newsletter