The following email was received from CRA / Efile-TED
“The Canada Revenue Agency will be conducting its letter campaign for the third year in a row to give Canadians the information they need to understand their tax obligations. The Audit Division in each tax services office will begin the campaign in early 2012.
Two types of letters will be sent to Canadians across the country. Some taxpayers will receive a letter explaining the eligibility criteria for certain deductions they have claimed on their recent income tax returns. Others will receive a letter with the same information, but it will also inform them that their income tax returns may be selected for audit.
The goal of the campaign is to educate taxpayers about certain claims they have made in the past and to promote compliance with the Income Tax Act. We are asking individuals to review their income and expense claims related to rental and/or business activities and employment expenses, and to review the calculation of capital gains or losses arising from dispositions of publicly-traded shares or mutual fund units.
We also want to allow taxpayers to amend their income tax returns by completing an adjustment request in cases where they may have claimed deductions in error or provided inaccurate information. “