Are you an entrepreneur? So are we! Having been through the same trials as you, we speak your language and consult from experience, unlike some small business experts in large accounting firms.
Here’s just some of the ways we consult with and assist entrepreneurs:
1. We provide a confidential environment for you to talk about your business concerns, share your views and develop long term plans based on concrete business assessments.
2. As an entrepreneur, you enter a whole new world of banking, relationships and financing alternatives. Our professional financial statements add credibility to your business and improve your banker’s confidence. Financial professionalism is further enhanced with our detailed report on financial ratios and graphs.
3. The Kemp Harvey Group provides a solid medium between you and the authorities. As tax professionals, we become your first line of defense – often answering questions and solving problems before they reach you. We also help you plan for taxes with computer generated tax forecasts, instalment payment calculations, and optimum wage/dividend analysis. Plus, we’ll keep you informed on current changes and provide management advice through our newsletter.
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