There was a time when healthy profits were enough – but not anymore. Today business is changing faster than ever. Once thriving companies are suddenly cash poor. Tax laws seem to change weekly and the desire to plan for the future is stressed by the need to compete today. It’s truly a financial marathon out there.
So, what’s the answer? The Kemp Harvey Group of Certified General Accountants believes that the key lies in achieving financial fitness; that is, having the strength, endurance and backup resources available to meet your goals.
When you select us as your accountants, we’ll give you financial direction to tackle the next decade and beyond. We’ll help you build financial fitness through business management and financial consulting that is professional, current and fairly priced.
The Kemp Harvey Group is made up of CGA partners located throughout southern British Columbia, as well as a strong support staff of professional and administrative personnel. We are a progressive firm, using the latest in technology to assist business owners with financial consulting services.
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